Business Intelligence

Shift report performs from the ground up. From machine-automated warehousing & distribution staff to upper and operational management. Shift Report is customised for each of your locations so that data that is important to your business operations is input into shift report and displayed live. Data can be collected on rostering, inventory, packing, downtime, equipment faults, efficiencies, temperatures and staff satisfaction to name a few.


  • Data and reports from all departments are logged on the application and this information is consolidated in real.
  • This data is collected in the cloud and analysed giving a live snapshot of how your business performance giving insight into stock, rostering, resourcing and time management.
  • Data can be compared, daily, weekly and yearly which gives management the resources to track efficiencies and plan for the future.
  • Shift report is customised for each warehouse so that you can gain insights on an aspects on your specific warehouse.